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Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Storyboard
About 2005
Graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink and marker on paper

Forgive the glare, I couldn't get better photos of these above and below.

Sith Warrior

Sith Knight

Star Wars And The Power Of Costume Sketch/Concept Art 2 And Droids!

This is a continuation of my original blog for the Star Wars event I visited on March 5th 2018 at the Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg FL. 

Droids Concept Storyboard
Graphite pencil and ink on tracing paper


[painted onto the wall]

Combining concept with function challenged the creative team when it came to droid costumes. For C-3PO, artists started with a plaster cast of the actor's body, experimented with clay details to make him look more like a robot, and then finalized the costume.  A remote-controlled R2-D2 glided on wheels, while an actor operated another model from the inside-useful for when R2 had to "scuffle," not roll. Filmmakers for the new trilogy built on earlier work, developing droids like BB-8 with new technology. 

R2-D2 Parts
Metal, plastic, and mixed media
The Star Wars creative team incorporated several bits and pieces- many of them found objects- into R2-D2's costume. Glass bulbs became photoreceptors, vents became signalers, and metal scraps became data probes. George Lucas wanted the blue are that folded over the front to resemble "a knife and fork." 

"I can't exaggerate how bad [wearing][ the costume was. It was like being stuck in a stethoscope-every noise as I walked along wound up in my ears." -ANTHONY DANIELS, ACTOR

"There had to be some sort of indication of life going on behind the eyes." 

"To Facilitate bending over, [C-3PO] would have connecting wires between the solid components." 

"The knees were always trouble. I used to lubricate them with WD-40 to get them to move."

Keep a look out I will be posting more in this series soon!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Star Wars And The Power Of Costume

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art March 5th 2018

When we decided we would go away for a few days over my birthday, I wanted to go somewhere I had not been in Florida and always wanted to see the gulf coast area. I love museums. It's wonderful to see works of art up close. Museums are a really calm and soothing way to spend the day. When I noticed that they were also having this event it was a give in we would go to Saint Pete. Hotel Booked, Tickets bought, Dolphin Cruise booked and Groupons purchased we set off. 

I love the worlds of the Star Wars series, I don't know all the little details of the rumors and fan conspiracies but, I do know that I am fascinated with the world George Lucas created with the help of some amazing concept artists.  The story lines follow well and even the off shoots are well done. I have no issue with anything in the series, Jar Jar Binx included. My son loved Jar Jar when he was younger and it brought a whole new level of fan to the series.

Over the next few days I will post different segments of  the exhibit. I am going to try and give you the best of the photos I took and hope you enjoy them as much here as I did while walking through the exhibit.  I found I took so many photos that it was easier to do this over several days then the try and post everything in one. 


I am going to start today off with a bunch of the drawn and painted concept/sketch art that was throughout the exhibit. I am going to add as much info and notes as I have but forgive me if you see something that has no info. It maybe be I missed it or there was none. There was great lighting but sadly I did get a bit of it into the shots. Bright white spots are most likely lights. I did try and modify the photos to show the best detail. I will have a link to the original photos added at a future date. Enjoy!

Wall Art at the entrance!
With Star Wars, filmmaker George Lucas introduced a fantastical galaxy inhabited by a diverse universe of individuals.
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For the first Star Wars films, I wanted the costumes to be SIMPLE but TIMELESS...Costumes modeled on the archetypes that audiences would find understandable and familiar.
On the prequel trilogy, I knew a different approach was needed. We would be...spending time in the galaxy's LAVISH capital and witnessing royalty, OPULENCE, and advanced, albeit sometimes corrupt, civilizations.  - George Lucas

IAIN MCCAIG - Queen Concept Art 1995
Watercolor, crayon, and ink over graphite pencil tracings on paper. 

Concept Art Artist Signature blurred. 

Slightly blurred, no artist info.

Cantina Concept Art
Marker, ink and graphite pencil on paper. 

Untitled and unknown artist.


C-3PO Concept Art
Pencil on tracing paper

George [Lucas] said he really liked the Metropolis robot, except it should look like a boy instead of a girl - Ralph McQuarrie concept artist. 

C-3PO Concept Art
Ink and marker on paper

Monday, March 19, 2018

In the beginning, I did nothing and everything.

Hello everyone!

Many of you who may be reading this know me as Helopoh. Some of you know me as Denise, Neece or Mom. I do answer to all and including Helopoh. This is a new journey for me so grab your drink of choice and hold onto your hats. This is going to be a wild ride.

I want everyone to know that I never force my words or thoughts on anyone, I fully believe that you have your own mind and can make your own decisions. I will offer advice and give it as an option to think about. Food for thought so to speak. I freely believe you can believe anything you want in life as long as you don’t force it upon others or hurt others in the process. I believe in the option to agree to disagree.

I am no great writer by any means. I am going to wish may times that I still had my friend Lego following behind me as I type making all the little edits and adding punctuation that drove me crazy and made me laugh. Just assume anything you see is a rough draft.   :)

You won’t find perfection here by any means but you may find things that interest you, things you may want to try (I hope I make you laugh) or just a rant about life in general. I am going to try very hard to keep politics out of my blog but alas no one is perfect. I am getting a few things to share together so keep a look back. I won’t be posting every day or some days several but I will try and keep up with this. This place is all about positive energy. I will not tolerate any form of bullying. If you don't like what I have to say, see that little x in the corner of your window? It's a great way to get rid of me.

So the rules are simple, I will not tolerate hate, abuse or anything that may make someone or anyone feel bad. Opinions are fine but hurt is not.  

So what I have for you today is:

You can be anyone you want here. You can love anyone you want here. Be yourself.
Drop me a comment and say hi. I would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for visiting, see you soon!


UNKOWN ARTIST Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Storyboard About 2005 Graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink and marker on paper...